A MAN who returned to his sheltered accommodation 10 minutes before the deadline refused to go in.

Blackburn magistrates heard that after the 1am cut off Jonathan Fletcher had a change of heart and demanded to be admitted.

And he became so insistent he damaged two doors as he tried to force his way into the Gateway project in Burnley.

Fletcher, 23, of Mitre Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to causing £500 worth of damage to an internal and an external door. He was sentenced to 21 days in prison.

Joanne Cronshaw, prosecuting, said when Fletcher came home under the influence of alcohol staff were prepared to let him in as long as he went straight to his room.

"He was told that if he wasn't in his room by 1 am he wouldn't be allowed in," said Mrs Cronshaw.

"He didn't go in but at 1.10 am started banging on the outer door and was told he could not come in."

Fletcher left but returned at 2.45 am and yanked on the outside door so hard it came open. He got into the lobby area and started shouting at the duty member of staff.

"He eventually forced open the inner security door before going to his room which is where the police arrested him," said Mrs Cronshaw.

She said Fletcher had been given a conditional discharge of October for being drunk and disorderly and was currently subject to a curfew and two community orders.

Gareth Price, defending, said until March of this year Fletcher had been a person of good character.

"In the last seven months he has accrued eight convictions all of which are related to his misuse of alcohol," said Mr Price.

"It has clearly caused him significant problems in recent months."