A WOMAN with dementia was unable to attend her daughter's wedding- so her daughter brought the wedding to her.

Heather Holden, 76, currently lives at Woodlands Care Home in Westhoughton, where she has been for the past three years.

Her daughter Sam got married on Saturday, November 9, tying the knot with partner of 15 years, Gavin Thomas.

Heather was unable to attend, as her dementia means she is unable to cope with certain situations.

Sam and Kristian Hope, the Deputy Manager of the care home, subsequently devised a plan to stage a second 'fake wedding' at the care home last Saturday, in which her mother could attend.

Sam said: "It was so lovely. The care home went above and beyond.

"It genuinely was a beautiful day, mum's three sisters came down, Gavin's mum and sister did and everything was amazing, I can't thank the staff enough.

"She won't remember the day but we will remember this wonderful occasion. The care home always do their best but they excelled themselves this time. It was better than our own wedding!"

The care home decorated a room to resemble a wedding chapel and staff provided a buffet and a wedding cake.

An Elvis impersonator was also booked as he is Heather's favourite singer.

Kristian said that Heather loved it and everyone in the care home enjoyed the day.

He added that a resident "played" Gavin's best man while a friend of the Thomas' family "played" the vicar.

He said that it was the first time they had done something like this and everything had gone brilliantly.