A SECONDARY school in Bolton is in the top 20 most improved schools in England based on its GCSE results.

Kearsley Academy placed 16 for the huge leap in numbers of young people leaving with a standard pass in both English and maths.

A standard pass is defined as a grade 4 or above, with the national average being 64.4 per cent of students achieving this in the summer.

Kearsley Academy's result stood at 65.3 per cent ­— a rise of 23.3 per cent since 2017.

The academy is part of the Northern Education Trust, which saw four of its secondary academies in the top 20 most improved schools.

Kim McKee, Principal stated, "We are delighted that Northern Education Trust Kearsley Academy has been named as the 16th most improved school in England over this time period. 

"We understand that to all parents, carers, community members and students, outcomes are paramount, and it is our relentless work on standards, coupled with a culture of praise and reward that is part of everything we do at Kearsley, that has allowed our Academy to move to a 5+ Maths and English pass rate of 52%, far above the National Average.

"We are proud to provide an Academy that serves local children with an excellent education and enhanced opportunities moving forward."

Dean Buckley, Associate Executive Principal agreed, commenting "This news is fantastic recognition of the hard work and commitment of our students and staff and we look forward to our continued improvements with all current and future students at Northern Education Trust Kearsley Academy."


Rob Tarn, chief executive, said: “These results are incredible and demonstrate the success of the school improvement model implemented in 2017.

"All our academies have risen to the challenge of improving student outcomes, and our students are now being equipped with the skills and qualifications to improve their life chances and future successes. "These results are even more admirable, given the fact that all four academies are located in disadvantaged areas, where the percentage of students drawing pupil premium is around double that of the national average.

"We want all our students to fulfil their potential, regardless of their background, and they are all doing an outstanding job in often challenging circumstances."