THE sky is the limit for all youngsters at a nursery school where teachers remove any barriers to learning.

Hoyle Nursery School has again been classed as outstanding by Ofsted, with inspectors saying that children “get off to a flying start” and where staff believe “that there is no limit to what children are capable of achieving”.

Ofsted reported: “ Many children arrive in nursery with poor speech and language skills. Staff know exactly what needs to be taught and in what order to ensure that children can join in and do not fall behind.”

The quality of education was described as “outstanding” with Ofsted commenting: “Learning is active, exciting and fun. The classrooms and outside areas are a wonderland of interesting and challenging activities.

“Children are busy. They have no time to be bored or disinterested.”

The nursery was described as “an amazing place for children to develop a love of books”.

They added: “New children settle quickly. They feel safe, secure and ready to try new things.

"We saw children happily tackling unfamiliar tasks, such as collecting, sorting and counting the cones that had fallen outside. They trust adults to help them if they get stuck.”

Children were described as very well behaved and “from day one they learn to cooperate, share and take turns”.

“Children have a positive attitude to learning,” found Ofsted inspectors, “They are considerate to one another and to adults. Children’s independence grows as they learn very quickly about routines and their own responsibilities, such as tidying up their tables when they get ready for lunch.”

Children were said to achieve well across the curriculum and “are well prepared for the next stage of their education”.

Staff were described as excellent role models and said to feel “proud” to work there.

The acting headteacher was said to lead the nursery “exceptionally well”.

Inspectors reported: “She leads by example. Staff work well together to ensure that every child has the best possible opportunities.”

Children with special educational needs are well supported and, as a result, achieve well.

Rachel O’Neil, acting headteacher, said: “We are all incredibly pleased with the outcome and proud to be part of the team at Hoyle.

“We will all continue to provide the best possible education to the children at Hoyle and we are passionate about continuing to develop in the future.”

n Greenmount Primary School has been judged as good in the latest round of Ofsted inspections.

Inspectors said: “Pupils at Greenmount Primary School thrive. They are supported well to be successful. Leaders are ambitious for pupils to achieve success in their learning. They are equally ambitious for pupils to develop into well-rounded citizens”.

Staff at the school are said to have high expectations for all pupils, including pupils with special educational need and/or disabilities.

And pupils work hard in lessons and are keen to learn.