A PIZZA Hut delivery franchise on the outskirts of Bolton town centre has been hit by a spate of burglaries and thefts in recent months.

A paving slab and brick were thrown through the shopfront in the latest raids, a regular said, and hundreds of pounds have been stolen from the tills.

The reoccurring crimes at the unit in Marsden House have left staff “questioning whether they are safe”, the store manager said.

Rukhsaar Niamut, who has been manager for three years, said: “We have had a large number of issues.

“We have homeless people coming in asking for food all the time. In the last five months, we have had two overnight break-ins, two till thefts and I had my own car stolen after my keys were stolen.” The most recent incident occurred on Thursday at about 7am, when someone threw a brick through the front door, broke in and stole a till. Staff said they have informed Greater Manchester Police.

Just a matter of weeks prior, a paving slab was thrown through the door to gain entry, the manager said.

About two months ago, Miss Niamut’s Audi A3 was stolen from outside the shop, however she said she was “extremely lucky” to recover it the next day.

She has called for increased action from police.

The franchisee has installed specialist locks on doors and is understood to be considering further security measures.

Daniel Austin, a regular customer who lives in Marsden Road, said: “Several times recently I have been greeted with contractors replacing the front door glass panel.

“It’s shocking that people break into the store so readily through the main entrance which is on the main road. It seems they have no fear of being caught.

“I think they have caused more damage costs than any small amount of money they stole — but it’s all a big inconvenience and this seems to be a big problem throughout Bolton town centre. It’s a real shame as the staff in the store are so friendly and work really hard.”

Last week the Bolton News reported that the CEO of Clintons cards has called for action following five break-ins at its Market Street shop over the past 12 months.

He said the most recent incident, also last Thursday, was the latest in a string of attempted burglaries, vandalism and criminal damage, which have set the company back by more than £50,000.

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.