THE devastating consequences of hit-and-run driver Daniel Salvin's crime were outlined in court by victim John Richardson's son, John Stephens.

Grandfather Mr Richardson, aged 59, died a week after he was crossing Rishton Lane and was mown down by Salvin.

In a heart-rending statement Mr Stephens told of the impact his father's death has had on his family.

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He said: "On the night of September 20 at 10pm a collision was outside my brother's house and although I didn't see it, I heard what sounded like a car crushing into the wall.

"After hearing this noise I ran outside to see what had happened and could see a red VW Golf on the opposite side of the road and could see people looking down the street.

"When I turned to look I then noticed my dad was on the ground and realised he had been hit by a car.

"I ran over to help him and tried to save him until the paramedics arrived. Nobody should ever have to see their father dying on the ground.

"I held his hand while he was on the ground and he effectively died at the scene.

"I was at the scene with my brother Anthony who witnessed out dad on the ground and neither us have ever seen anything like that.

"Following the collision we all went to hospital and were told that he was going to pass away on the night, but he managed to hold on for a week.

"This was particularly difficult as we started to believe he was getting better but following an operation on his chest, he passed away.

"We were told that, after a scan, my father was being kept alive by the machines and we had to make the decision, as a family, to switch them off.

"Personally, since the collision, I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and have been prescribed medication.

"As the collision happened directly outside where I live I can't get away from what happened. It is a constant reminder and we spend all our time in the back of the house.

"At the minute I don't let my children out of the house and I won't let them cross the road without me. I am frightened something will happen to them if I'm not there.

"Every bang and loud noise brings back memories of the night but at the moment I am struggling to get through the day.

"My brother, Anthony, also struggles sleeping. When he goes to sleep he has flashbacks about how he looked on the night and he regrets not speaking to him properly the last time he saw him.

"Anthony lives with his son, Tyler, who has taken it hard and Anthony is trying his best to keep things together for his son.

"My father was Anthony's hero and helped him when he was at his lowest. It has really affected him and, like all of us, Anthony has not started to grieve properly.

"My sister Emma has taken it the hardest. She was closest to him and would speak to him every morning about anything and everything.

"She doesn't leave the house because she is scared of what will happen. She feels so much rage and anger and reacts to every speeding car or car that she sees no being driven carefully.

"John was grandad to nine children and all of them loved him and looked up to him.

"They all know about what happened and this was one of the hardest things we have had to do — to explain that their grandad is not coming back.

"Usually we all spend Christmas together but this year we are going down south and not even decorating the house because we don't feel we can celebrate Christmas properly this year.

"This collision shouldn't have happened because the driver shouldn't have even been on the road. I can't forgive him for what he has done and if he had stopped it would have been different.

"This collision and the driver has taken away a huge part of me and my family's lives."