A FAMILY has three reasons to celebrate when November 7 rolls around again next year- as all three of them were born on that same date.

The odds-defying birth of baby Oscar at Royal Bolton Hospital last week brought up a hat-trick of birthdays for the Joice family.

Teacher Sophie and tree surgeon Howard, who were born in 1991 and 1987 respectively, have been together for nine years and having already shared a birthday with each-other, thought it was "pretty rare."

The couple welcomed their 8lb 5 bundle of joy after he was delivered via caesarian section on Thursday, November 7.

The unique trio's story may have been different however, if they had opted for a later date for the birth.

Sophie said: "I got pregnant this year and the due date was November 24. After a few health issues, we knew we had to have a c-section.

"This was to be arranged for 39 weeks, so around November 16. When it came to finalising a date, doctors were originally talking about the 11th.

"My husband then spoke up and asked if there was any chance we could do the 7th. He explained the reason and the doctor then explained the situation to the hospital team.

"Even though though there already were two c-sections planned that day, our doctor pushed for it and they agreed due to our circumstances. So, we are now a full family of birthday of November 7ths!"

Sophie said baby Oscar is "doing great" and can expect huge family parties when he gets older.

She added: "When my husband and I are together for birthdays, it's like a double Christmas. Now, we'll all be celebrating with everyone as a big family."