TOWN centre master plans are nothing new as this photograph from 1956 proves.

Last week, exciting plans were revealed for one of the key gateways into Bolton town centre.

As part of the multi-million pound project for the Trinity Gateway a number of 3D computer-generated images and detailed artists’ impressions were unveiled to the public.

Contrast that with the approach to a major transformation planned for Bradshawgate more than 60 years ago.

This was long before computers. Instead, members of the town’s borough engineers department worked to create a scale model of how the area would appear. It was literally a case of going back to the drawing board as they built up a scale model of the area.

Although in its early stages when our photographer was invited into their offices, what looks like a cinema and a church-like building are clearly visible, carefully constructed out of cardboard and balsa wood and the early stages of a road layout were also taking shape.

Various technical drawing instruments are also on the table.

The aim was to put the model on display in Bolton’s Central Library and for members of the public to be able to comment on the proposals for the key area in the town centre.