A Public School education at two top independent schools may not have been the choice of Bury North Labour candidate, James Frith.

However his father Richard Frith, Bishop of Hereford, himself educated at Marlborough College clearly had no doubts that only Public School rather than State education would be good enough for his son James.

Historically Public School education has often found favour amongst the hierarchy of the Labour Party when looking after their own family members.

What I find nauseating is when left wing politicians adopt the line that only the best is good enough for themselves but wish to deny their constituents the same benefits.

James Frith has stated that he wishes to see Bury Grammar Schools stripped of Business Property Relief and Charitable Status.

Increasing costs and hampering fundraising could potentially drive the Bury Grammar Schools into the State sector.

May I point out that significant funds are raised annually for bursaries by Bury Grammar Schools to enable children from lower earning backgrounds to benefit from an excellent education.

This mean Socialist approach to deny Bury Grammar Schools would not assist Tottington High School or the Derby High one iota.

However it may well benefit James Frith’s Corbynite credentials in the Bury Labour Party, but maybe not because the previous Bury North MP selected by the Labour Party was also privately educated.

If private education was eradicated as so many Labour politicians demand, the cost of educating hundreds of thousands of extra children in the State sector would be immense.

Surely the answer is to do what the Conservative party advocates and that is to drive up the standards in the State sector.

Derek Calrow