SAY hello to Mr and Mrs Addams... a couple from a Darwen care home celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary in style by being the stars in a Halloween-themed party.

Peter Dysart, 65, and his wife Janice, 63, renewed their vows at Lees Court on Ribble Avenue by taking on the roles of Gomez and Morticia from their favourite film The Addams Family.

Bosses at the care home had pulled out all the hair-raising stops to make their celebration special – even down to pumpkin soup and spiders in jelly.

Audrey Moran, who helped arrange the ceremony, said: “I was looking to do a Halloween party as since being made manager of the site in January, people had been telling me there was not much going on and I have been trying to get things arranged regularly.

“Peter and Janice told us about their anniversary and they love Gomez and Morticia so we based it on that theme.

“Things like this are helping to stop social isolation as they have all their friends and family from the home around them.

“It was a bit of fun and we think they looked so well.

“We think it was great the way that everyone came out to watch and enjoy it. Peter and Janice were great and did their own costumes so it made a really good happy atmosphere rather than a spooky one.”

More than 20 friends from the home took part in the wedding ceremony – surely the only wedding this year with a werewolf as a best man.

The couple tied the knot 32 years ago at Blackburn Register Office and after the 20 minute ceremony they celebrated with an organ playing the theme tune of the film.

Peter said: “It has been brilliant and we think it was a great idea to get everybody together.

“I think it was really nice to celebrate it in this way and the staff here have been great at trying to get it all organised.

Janice said: “The time has really flown by and went really quickly. The Addams Family is one of our favourite films and I think Anjelica Huston as Morticia was superb in it and Raul Julia was great as Gomez.”