BURY'S MPs were split in Saturday's House of Commons vote on Brexit.

Labour's James Frith backed the amendment from former Tory minister Oliver Letwin forcing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to seek an extension on the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union.

But Independent MP Ivan Lewis opposed the move saying the move, which prevented a straight vote on whether to approve the government's new Brexit deal, was an unnecessary delay.

Bury North MP Mr Frith told Saturday's debate a second referendum on the agreement was the way to resolve the Parliamentary logjam.

He said: "At the heart of this is the question of destination: not an abstract of moving on today, but the impact of a deal on everyday life in towns like mine.

"The government are presenting us with Britain minus: minus protections, minus opportunities, minus prospects.

"If the Government are confident in the deal, they should put it to a final say."

Bury South MP, elected for Labour in 2017, Mr Lewis posted on Facebook after the debate: "I voted against Letwin amendment because more delay and obstruction is not in the national interest. The fear of no deal is bogus. There is a deal.

"Perpetual delay and yet more extensions fuel uncertainty and instability which can tip us into recession.

"Without Letwin we would have had the chance to ensure the necessary legislation includes the safeguards on protecting workers rights and environmental standards.

"Blocking this deal is not the will of the majority of the electorate and if Labour continue to play party politics with this issue they will pay a heavy price at the ballot box. Their 2017 General Election manifesto which I stood on said they would respect the referendum result and deliver Brexit.

"I have said all along that I campaigned and voted to remain.

"The facts are clear.

"The majority voted to leave nationally and in my constituency. The manifesto I stood on in 2017 said we will deliver Brexit."