A 15-YEAR-OLD boy was traumatised after he was robbed at knifepoint for his bike.

A man came up behind Brandon Hodgson and threatened him with a knife on a side road in the grounds of Burnley General Hospital near Ebor Street on Friday at 7.40pm.

His father Andrew Hodgson said his son, fearing for his safety, handed over the bike to the man, who then left, leaving his son and his friend very shaken up.

The 43-year-old said the CUBE mountain bike has a full suspension and is black with yellow markings and is worth more than £2,000.

Mr Hodgson said: “My son was scared and feared being stabbed during the robbery and he is still in shock due to the violence and being threatened with a knife.

“He said the blade looked like a pocket knife.

“I am upset the bike has been stolen but thankfully my son is safe and not injured.

“He could have been stabbed if he resisted. A person who carries a knife may think they have no intention of using it, but self-control is lost in these situations and innocent victims have died.

“My son is so shocked and struggling to come to terms with what happened.

"He said that we hear reports all the time with regards to knife crime, but it never seemed real and he never considered himself at risk.”

Mr Hodgson said they called the police and they have been told officers are looking into the incident.

CUBE mountain bikes are high performance trail bikes and can be used for off road biking, often over harsh and difficult terrain

Mr Hodgson said: “There are CCTV cameras in the area of the attack and I want to get his bike back, but I want the person identified and caught more than anything.

“There are loads of CCTV cameras where it happened.

“I have spoken to the hospital and they inform me the police need to contact them to view CCTV.

“The public need to be made aware of this for their own safety, as the knife might be used if the person does this again.”

A police spokesman said: “This has been reported to us and is under investigation.

“Call us on 101 quoting incident reference 1310 of October 4th.”