YOBS drinking, taking drugs and being abusive 'are making elderly and vulnerable people's lives a misery'.

Burnley Council leader Cllr Charlie Briggs has called for housing association Calico Homes to take action after residents complained about anti-social behaviour in Anglesey Avenue.

They said that many elderly people live in the houses on the road and the surrounding estate - and that they have been left so scared that they are unable to sleep.

The residents have said that most of the homes in the area are Calico homes.

Cllr Briggs, who represents the area on Burnley Council, said: “Anti-social behaviour, drugs and drinking has been a problem for quite some time.

“A lot of old people live round here and it’s upsetting for them to be woken up at 4am.

“Some of them can’t sleep at night because of how scared they are.

“All this area is mainly Calico homes so I’ve been putting pressure on them to do something about it.”

Tony Edwards, owner of the Sycamore Convenience Store on Anglesey Avenue, organised a meeting for residents to discuss the issue recently.

Mr Edwards, who took over the shop about 18 months ago after it had previously sold alcohol to underage children, said: “There are a lot of old people who live on Anglesey Avenue and any complaints which we have, Calico ignore it.

“It’s unfair on them and Calico need to do something about the anti-social behaviour as a matter of urgency which is why I organised the meeting.

“Also, a few weeks ago, someone rammed a car into the front door of my shop and there was damage to the roll-up shutter, which I’ve reported to the police.”

Police said they were aware of the report and are investigating it.

Nichola Wright, assistant director for Calico Homes said it will work with police to tackle the anti-social behaviour problems in the area.

She said: “We recognise that young people gathering in groups may cause concern for some residents, and wherever there is unacceptable behaviour or criminal activity we will work alongside the police and local authority to take decisive action.

“We are working with Mr Edwards and the local community group to reassure the local community.

“Most of our customers are happy with their neighbourhood as a place to live and on the whole anti-social behaviour incidents are rare.”