A HEROIN addict caught hiding drugs in prison knocked her own grandmother over while stealing her purse.

Burnley Crown Court heard Natalie Macmillan had only been in prison at Newhall in Wakefield for a month when she was caught hiding Spice and the Class C opioid buprenorphine on October 26.

Prosecuting, Emma Kehoe said prison officers suspected prisoners had been taking drugs in the wing Macmillan was being held so decided to observe them.

Ms Kehoe said: “A prison officer saw the defendant in a toilet cubical. She seemed to be removing something internally and examining it.

“A prison officer found a makeshift bong. There were a number of packages with green-like substances within. There was a package which was wrapped in tissue paper. They turned out to be Spice and the Class C drugs which were the white powder.”

The court heard the theft happened on June 22 when Macmillan was on bail for the drugs offence.

Ms Kehoe said Macmillan’s 81-year-old grandmother, Marion Forrest, was alone at her home in Burnley.

Ms Kehoe said: “The defendant came into the house. She approached her grandmother whose purse was by her side. She went up to her and grabbed the purse, causing her grandmother to fall back. She went off with the purse which contained £100 in cash and her grandmother’s bus pass.

“She got into a taxi which had dropped her off and had been made to wait by the defendant.”

Summarising a victim personal statement prepared by Mrs Forrest, Ms Kehoe said: “She is frightened of her granddaughter. She doesn’t want her to come anywhere near her again.”

Macmillan, 32, of Sutherland Terrace, Leeds, pleaded guilty to possessing a Class B and Class C drug with intent to supply and theft.

Defending, Sarah Magill said her client had been physically, emotionally and psychologically abused and had been taking drugs since she was 11. She said her client hadn’t been provided with adequate coping mechanisms and the only time her life had stability was when she was in prison.

Ms Magill said: “She feels shame and remorse for what she has done to her grandmother.”

Macmillan was sentenced to 24 months in prison, suspended for two years, with 50 rehabilitation activity requirement days and a 12-month drug rehabilitation activity requirement.

A two-year restraining order was imposed banning Macmillan from contacting Mrs Forrest.