BOLTON has had many things associated with it over the years but did you know that the town at one time had its own tank?

The main photograph shows the Mayor of Bolton, Ald Clarence Leat about to perform the official naming of a Chieftain tank in 1967.

The 50-ton monster was brought to Cheadle Square on its own transporter for the mayor to smash a bottle of Champagne over the front of the tank in the similar way a new ship is launched down the slipway.

The tank was one of three new additions to the army ranks which were being named after Lancashire towns.

The 700 horse power model - which was state of the art at the time - would see service with the 1st Royal Tank Regiment which included many recruits from Lancashire.

The Chieftain was armed with what was described as the ‘most powerful tank gun available’.

As well as the naming ceremony, the mayor presided over a medal ceremony where South Arabian medals were awarded to local men serving with the regiment in the Middle East.

They were taking part in a campaign to prevent Egyptian-inspired attempts to end the British presence in Aden and break up the newly-formed Federation of South Arabia.