A RESIDENT has told of his frustration about ‘around the clock', brazen drug dealing which is taking place on his street.

Groups of men and women have been spotted acting suspiciously in Warwick Road and nearby Hall Street in Blackburn during the past two months.

One resident, who asked to keep their identity anonymous, said two of the people sell drugs to the others and the dealing takes place all the time.

The resident said: “The drug dealing takes place all the time, it’s around the clock.

“It happens at night, it happens during the day.

“It’s so obvious, they’re not trying to hide it.

“You can hear voices outside at night, it’s constant.”

The resident said the dealing takes place on Warwick Road, Bankside and Hall Street, which is near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The resident said: “Before I moved away and came back to the area, there wasn’t any drug dealing.

“It’s appeared all of a sudden and now it's getting bad.

“My child asks me what they’re doing and I find it difficult to talk to them about it.

“I’m worried it’s going to bring other sorts of crime to the area.

“Drugs can lead to even more serious crimes and I don’t want that right on my doorstep.

“I’ve sent the pictures to the police so I hope something gets done soon.

“It needs to stop.”

A police spokesman said there were reports of suspicious activity in Warwick Road and Hall Street in Blackburn on Wednesday. The spokesman said: “There have been reports of drug dealing and it has been flagged up with us.

“It has been passed on to the neighbourhood team.”

Inspector Martyn Holt said: “We treat drug dealing very seriously and all incidents are looked at, and this sort of behaviour isn’t acceptable and has a negative impact on our communities.

“We welcome all information provided to us from the public, we use the information to build a picture of activity within our area and use robust tactics to target those suspected of dealing drugs.

“If you are concerned about contacting us directly please consider the use of Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, which is anonymous.”