THE daughter of murder victim Sajed Choudry has spoken out about how his brutal killing shook her family to its core.

Describing the father-of-four as “a wonderful and caring man”, Mariya Choudry also slammed his killers for refusing to admit their guilt.

This came as four men started life sentences yesterday – a minimum of 100 years collectively – following an eight-week trial at Preston Crown Court.

Mr Choudry suffered horrendous injuries, including his skull being hacked open and slash wounds to his ears, when he was attacked outside his home in Rhyl Avenue, Blackburn, with a machete amid a feud between the neighbours.

Sadaqat Ali, who prosecutors insisted struck the fatal blow, his brother Rafaqat Ali, his father-in-law Fazal Ilahi and Syed Ali Akbar were jailed yesterday.

Paying tribute to her father, Ms Choudry said: “He was a caring and wonderful man who did a lot for his family.

“He was always there for everyone.

“When people moved in on the street, he would go out, give them food and help them with things they needed.

“He knew starting out was difficult and wanted to support people.”

Mr Choudry was born in Preston and moved to Blackburn when he was a toddler.

He attended Billinge High School, Blackburn, before studying briefly at Blackburn College.

Mr Choudry, who married his wife, Shazia, in 1991, worked in mills as a younger man in Blackburn, the south of England and Scotland.

Ms Choudry said her father was a member of his neighbourhood watch group and helped move drug dealers off the streets, having a strong desire to keep the area safe for the community.

She said: “He was looked up to by his family and he was a role model.”

Sadaqat Ali, of Rhyl Avenue, who was found guilty of murder and attempted murder of Sajed Choudry’s son, Ashan, after a trial, was sentenced to a minimum of 32 years.

Rafaqat Ali, and Ilahi, both of Tenby Close, Blackburn, and Akbar, of Cedar Street, Blackburn, were found guilty of murder and guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Rafaqat Ali was sentenced to a minimum of 28 years and Ilahi and Akbar were jailed for a minimum term of 20 years.

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Sadaqat Ali, Rafaqat Ali, Fazal Ilahi and Syed Akbar, all convicted of Sajed Choudry's murder

Describing her experience at the trial, Ms Choudry said: “It made me relive those awful moments in our lives.

“I watched those who killed my dad as the CCTV footage was played and they didn’t seem bothered at all.

“In the end it got too difficult and I had to stop going for a time.

“Those people thought they had a chance of getting away with it so they didn’t plead guilty.

“But I wish they had because it would have meant we didn’t have to relive this nightmare.

“This is something no one should have to go through.”

She continued: “We have some justice now, but not complete justice.

“If I could say anything to them, I would tell them I’m not going to decide what our god, Allah, will do.

“They will pay for this in the afterlife. We will never forgive them.”

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Judge Justice Dove told the defendants: “Anyone who has observed the evidence in this trial as it has unfolded will have been astonished and horrified to learn how a respectable family, leading a constructive and responsible life in the community, allowed itself to so rapidly descend into callous violence and murder, killing one of their neighbours and seriously injuring his son.

“Sajed Choudry and Ahsan Choudry were completely outnumbered by Ali’s group and they were subjected to a vicious, terrifying and sustained attack.

“Sajed Choudry was slashed and chopped by the machete.

“You were all responsible for the devastating consequences of that evening.

“Sajed Choudry was a strong family man who was clearly loved and respected.

“By your actions you have left a void in his family which will never be filled.

“The pain and anguish that you have caused to so many is incalculable.”

Ms Choudry said she wants her family to move away from Blackburn as she feels the town has changed since she was a child there.

She said: “It’s been very difficult to come to terms with my father’s death.

“It has been eight months since my dad passed away and I still get really bad anxiety. I just want my dad back. I still haven’t come to terms with it.

“My mum is still coming to terms with his death, she’s really, really upset.

“She did everything with him and now she’s having to stand on her own two feet.

“I want my family to move away because crime has become too big.

“It’s too dangerous to live in Blackburn.”

A youth, who was convicted of manslaughter and wounding, will be sentenced next month.

Saira Ali, 35, and Asma Ali, 34, the wives of Sadaqat and Rafaqat, were cleared earlier in the trial of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

DCI Pauline Stables said: “The scene was quite chaotic when officers arrived. His injuries were absolutely horrific.

"Sajed Choudry had numerous injuries to his head, two of which had penetrated his skull and his hand, which is a classic defence injury.

“The defendant decided to arm themselves with a machete and an axe and together they decided to kill their neighbour and cause life-changing injuries to his son, Ashan.

“This sentence reflects the serious nature of the incident which has destroyed the lives of those involved and had a huge impact on the community. It’s clear taking to the streets with weapons of any kind to settle a dispute can have devastating consequences for everyone.

“Sajed Choudry’s family remain devastated of their loss of a devoted son, brother, father and husband."