THERESA May is stepping down as Prime Minister.

Many of us in Bolton are not going to get what we want. Many of us want a Prime Minister who will bear down on inequality and really deliver more equality for all.

This is no matter what our circumstances are or, to whom, or where, we were born. Equity needs to play it’s part to achieve this.

One example of equity is that many of us know that to have a chance of a fair life many disabled people need help from public services and some need welfare benefits to prevent poverty.

Many disabled people need Adult Social Care from Councils and the Conservative government will not sort this out except adding to the Council Tax while Councils are in a dire state trying to support people in need.

Disabled people can be now fearful of the welfare state because of the reductions in income some have experienced in recent years.

We were grossly let down by Theresa May who did not deliver on her pledge of 2016 to improve the lives of everyone rather than the privileged people of this country.

There are simply way too many burning injustices left including between those who have good incomes and those who struggle every week.

Key examples are: Welfare and housing changes that have increased evictions and people on the streets, some unsafe communities and eye watering police cuts, badly treated Windrush citizens, wage freezes and increased lowpaid jobs, rise in poverty and need for foodbanks, menstrual products, clothes for job interviews and school uniform free provision.

We need a serious Prime Minister for serious times who will change our economy to deliver a significant growth in fairness for all here.

Cllr Sue Haworth

Harper Green ward