Thousands are expected to attend a huge gathering in Blackburn this weekend.

The European Sunni Tablighi Ijtima (Islamic congregation) is being billed as one of the largest in the country.

It has already been featured on social media forums across the world. As well worshippers from Lancashire mosques many more people from Islamic organisations from Birmingham, London, Leicester and Glasgow will travel to the venue.

This Is Lancashire:

The Ijtima is being held at Frontier Park off Junction 6, M65 from Thursday 25 July until Sunday July 28. The site is privately owned and whilst it falls under Hyndburn Council's Jurisdiction it is being advertised as a Blackburn event.

A video shared shows the area being prepared for attendees including preparations for Wudu (ablution areas) and the conference hall itself. Food will be served on site to attendees.

Organisers have now clarified more details on the 'spiritual gathering'. 

Organisers state, "The event management team has developed extensive traffic management plans to minimise the impact on local residents, including: A single point of entry onto the industrial park away from residential areas; 24/7 car parking stewards and large scale shuttle bus services to major offsite car parks."

"The designated entrance into Frontier Park will be from the M65 Junction 6 Whitebirk Roundabout, and there will be no entry onto the park for cars or pedestrians from Blackburn Road.  Therefore the traffic impact to residents is expected to be minimal.

Further No Parking cones on Blackburn Road (500 metres each side of the entrance) and no Parking signs will be placed on the side roads off Blackburn Road.

A document also states, "The event will be held indoors within the commercial units, and there will be no music or ‘call to prayer’ outside."

Attendees will also 'arrive and leave at staggered times throughout the duration of the event, and the maximum attendance is expected to peak on Sunday morning when up to 12,000 visitors'.

This Is Lancashire:

This Is Lancashire:

Speaking at the event will be some of the most renowned senior Islamic scholars in the world including Sheikh Maulana Ibrahim Dewla, Sheikh Ul Hadith Maulana Ehsaan Ul Haq and Sheikh Qari Zubair DB of Bangladesh.