POLICE were called after a woman was reported shouting and screaming outside her grandma's house and head butting the window.

Blackburn magistrates heard it was the second time Amy Louise Cowburn had attended at her grandma's house that day and the first time she had been told she was not welcome.

Cowburn, 27, of no fixed address, admitted a breach of the peace. She was bound over in £100 to keep the peace for six months.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said on the first visit to the house in Nelson, Cowburn had been stood on the drive shouting that she wanted her clothes and she was given some bags.

"She was told she was no longer welcome and when she returned at 8pm her grandma refused to let her in," she said.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client had only gone back because she had forgotten something and when she wasn't allowed in there was an argument.