COMPLAINTS have been made after public land was fenced off.

Council chiefs they are aware of an issue and working to resolve it.

A resident contacted The Bolton News to raised concerns over a number of caravans that have been established on a section of grass in Fylde Street.

Land nearby is understood to be owned by a fairground company.

Resident Nadiya Khan, aged 30, said: “The residents have been living here for more than 35 years and have never caused us problems.

“Their area of land has been fenced off for that time.

“But over the past two years, they have slowly started moving over on to the adjacent grass land which belongs to Bolton Council, and now they have fenced that area off with plinth.

“There are now caravans parked on that section of land which we can see every time we look outside. It is just not pleasant.”

Miss Khan also complained that the occupiers have cut down six trees on the land. Bolton Council was unable to confirm this nor what had been moved on to the land.

The beauty therapist says that several complaints have been filed with Bolton Council since October last year.

She says that a petition, signed by about 15 residents, was presented to the council over the issues in December last year.

Bolton Council said the land belonged to the council, and was a piece of public land.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “There is an ongoing issue at this site, which we are working to resolve as soon as possible.”