THE thought of adding a cannabis compound to your coffee, giving it your poorly pet or even squeezing a few drops in your baby’s bottle triggers instant alarm.

However, one Horwich health food cafe owner is hoping to dispel misconceptions.

Mikey Walker, proprietor of Avocado Health Bar on Chorley New Road, will shortly start selling coffees containing CBD - cannabidiol - one of around a hundred cannabinoids found in cannabis.

“I used to body build and people who used it said it had a great effect in preventing aches and pains,” said Mikey.

“I tried it in a drink and experienced positive effects straight away. It removed stress, improved my concentration, cured me of sleeplessness, and my aches and pains have all gone.

“My grandmother uses it too and it’s really helped with her arthritis. A friend who gave it his dog claims it stopped having seizures.”

Selling it as cannabis coffee was the obvious next step, but 70 per cent of customers who Mikey has discussed it with were not too sure about the idea.

So, he intends to give out free samples in the next two weeks before beginning to sell it.

“The big assumption is you’re going to get high as a kite but it has undetectable levels of THC in it - that’s what gets you high.”

His supplier is Bolton-based Alex Tofalos who, along with his brother Nick, owns the company CBD One.

He said: “Traditional CBD products are poorly absorbed by the body but ours is water soluble. You can put it in hot, drinks, cold drinks and smoothies.”

Olivia Newton John and UFC fighters make strange bedfellows but both are fans of CBD.

“Many who have used it have said it works as a natural anti-inflammatory,” said Alex.

Some people even claim it has helped with depression and anxiety.

Bolton News reporter Neil Brandwood, enjoyed some cannabis coffee on the house.

And his verdict?

“It’s not unpleasant. It tastes sweet and quite herb-y, and a bit like lavender - not hat I’ve ever gone round munching on lavender.”