A COUPLE living in Chorley are hoping to help people take their stress and strains away whilst raising money for charity.

Lee Johnson and his wife Michelle have a narrow boat on the White Bear Marina in Adlington and become Reiki teachers and masters at Tranquil Heart and Mind Reiki Therapy.

They are holding a Reikithon on July 27 and 28 offering 30 minutes therapy and all the proceeds are being split between Derian House Hospice and the Destitute Animal Shelter in Bolton. Michelle believes the therapy has lots of benefits.

She said: “I was not well for between 10 and 15 and had Fibromyalgia and was not really getting anywhere with the doctors.

“We did some research in Reiki therapies and I decided that was what I wanted to do.

“I have been feeling better for 8 months now and I think that it could help other people.

“Reiki is a non invasive complimentary therapy where you put hands on specific areas to balance the energy and activates your parasympathetic nervous system. It has changed our lives and we want to help others.”

Lee added: “I lost my daughter six years ago and I had counselling and nothing was working until Michelle started this and now I feel inner peace.”

For more information about taking part then contact 07400 433323.