A SCHOOLGIRL has thanked her teachers for helping her and her peers bloom by presenting them with sunflower seeds.

Year 11 pupil, Bethany Weall from Bolton St Catherine’s Academy wanted to show teachers how they how they have helped her to grow.

The school leaver put envelopes on all her teachers' cars with the seeds in – with the words “thank you for helping us grow”.

Bethany, aged 15, said: “I was getting to the stage where I was leaving and wanted to do something to show the teachers how much they had helped the Year 11s and came up with the idea after speaking to a youth worker.

“I put the envelopes on their cars and the next morning they said it was such a nice gesture and it put a smile on their faces.”

Headteacher Rachael Lucas said: “Beth is an amazing student who really personifies the values of Bolton St Catherine’s of compassion and community.

“We were so thrilled to see her thinking of others and reflecting on her own time her at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy.

“We hope that her act of kindness resonated with others staff."

And Bethany's thoughtful acts did not stop at her teachers – she also wanted to inspire her fellow classmates and those who will start school in September.

So she printed out an inspirational verse for her classmates, laminated it, and stuck a magnet on the back so they could keep it somewhere safe as a reminder.

Bethany handed out the inspirational quotes in person to her year group.

Now she is currently creating a video to show the new intake with tips on how to make the most of their high school years.

Bethany added: "I have been at the school since year seven and our group has supported each other. I will really miss the school.”