CONSIDERING she was still doing keep fit well until she was 98, it's no wonder that Annie Roberts was still fighting fit when she celebrated her 107th birthday yesterday.

Born just months after the Titanic sailed, and still thriving at a time when a manned mission to Mars is in the planning stage, amazing Annie has only just started using a walking stick and zimmer frame.

"She was reluctant to use it up until now because she thought it would make her look old," laughed her son, Charles, 65.

Annie can look forward to a further six years according to Gypsy Petulengro who told her she would live to the ripe old age of 113 when she visited him at Blackpool several decades ago.

Annie, who has lived through the reign of 25 prime ministers and three monarchs, spent most of her life working as an office cleaner and attributes that to her longevity.

Although not a fan of television, she loves listening to Nat King Cole and Matt Monro and eating marshmallows and Turkish Delight.

Originally from Salford, Annie married Ernie, a boilerman, in 1935, and they had two children, Elaine and Charles.

During World War 2 Annie was evacuated to Lancaster with two-year-old baby Elaine after the family home was bombed in an air raid.

Charles remembers his mum being a keen knitter.

"She started out making tea cosies but they ended up being woolly hats for me."

In later life, Annie moved to Little Lever , and has been a residents at Clough Residential Home, in Chorley New Road, for the past seven years.

It was there that her family gathered to present her with a birthday cake, and dozens of cards, including one from The Queen.

Besides her children Charles and Elaine, she has three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

"No-one's worked as hard as me," said Annie, who is believed to be Bolton's second oldest person.

Hopefully, that gypsy will be right and she'll still be celebrating in 2025.