THIS time last year the weeks-long heatwave was about to begin but so far this year it’s been an altogether soggier story.

Still, at least Bolton hasn’t had it as bad as Lincolnshire in recent days, which has seen householders being evacuated from the floods.

In today’s Looking Back we have raided our photographic archives to examine some of Bolton’s more momentous floods.

Clockwise from the top on the previous page is a picture from July 1964 showing Bradshaw tennis courts, which looked more suited for a game of water polo.

Bradshaw had it bad again in December 1965 when the brook burst its banks. And take a close look at how close the River Tonge at Darcy Lever came to reaching the bridge in June 1969.

Thankfully, such scenes are relatively rare and the picture below shows how gentle and bucolic our rivers can be.

What the three chaps are up to by the banks of the River Tonge in May 1963 is anyone’s guess.

The bridge over a bubbling Boltonian brook is absolutely idyllic as is the May 1968 shot of a lone fisherman at the River Irwell.