BURY Interchange is the “top priority” for Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), according to a council director.

The transport hub could be next in line for a facelift which could create new opportunities in the town centre.

Paul Lakin, director of regeneration and capital growth, revealed that the potential development would “open up a lot of land” in the town centre.

He said: “We’ve got Bolton University looking for permanent campus spaces within Bury. There might well be a market for small office development. We could probably support another hotel as it’s near an interchange.”

Mr Lakin explained that the interchange, which currently has more than double the number of seats needed, could become much smaller.

TfGM would pay for the refurbishment of the interchange if it goes ahead.

Mr Lakin added: “If we could get TfGM to commit to a particular scheme that will give investors some real confidence about what’s happening in central Bury.”

Bury Interchange opened in the early 1980s and since then it has gone through a number of improvements, including the introduction of Metrolink.

As Bury Council develops its long-term plans for the town, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is considering how Bury Interchange may need to develop so it is fit for purpose for the next 30 years.

Simon Warburton, TfGM’s Strategy Director, said: “There’s no doubting that Bury is a key hub and we’re currently working with the council to consider how future transport services – from enhanced walking and cycling infrastructure through to emerging technologies – may change the nature of the interchange.

“This work is at a very early stage and, ultimately, the decision to upgrade Bury Interchange would be subject to the availability of necessary funding and sound business cases.”

Bury Council and the University of Bolton agreed to collaborate on future education provision in the borough in September.