SHAKERS chairman Steve Dale has been urged to sell the club 'as soon as possible' amid "serious concerns for its future", by the leader of Bury Council.

The club, who were promoted to League One this season, have been plagued by off-pitch turmoil, fighting off repeated winding-up petitions at the High Court over unpaid debts.

Players and staff also claim they have not been paid for more than 12 weeks, in an ongoing saga.

The winding-up case has been adjourned until June 19 after it was revealed that there are three parties interested in buying the club.

In a letter sent to Mr Dale, seen by the Bury Times, Councillor Rishi Shori offered for the council to step in and ensure Bury FC staff are paid, and support the clubs day-to-day operations.

Cllr Shori further insisted that the council should play a key role in vetting any potential new owners "as a key stakeholder in the community".

Although Bury Council holds no financial stake in Bury FC Cllr Shori's intervention is from the club being a community asset.

His letter said: "Bury FC is an institution that will be here long after you and I are gone.

"Politicians and chairmen of football clubs come and go. The club belongs to the people of this borough and safeguarding its future must be our one and only priority."

However, Cllr Shori added that "from an external perspective it appears that the club is at immanent risk of financial collapse."

He also claimed that suppliers have not been paid, staff are going without wages and fans are desperate to know what the future holds.

Consequently Cllr Shori said: "It is vital that a change in ownership takes place as soon as is reasonably practicable to ensure the ongoing survival of the club and to begin the process of rebuilding trust with the local community."

He further suggested that any potential new owners should be vetted by Bury Council.

Financial resources to invest in the club and create a sustainable business model, a long term vision and a commitment to transparency are "essential" for any potential new owners, Cllr Shori said.

At present Cllr Shori said he has been working "behind the scenes" to help secure Bury FC's future, including meeting with "senior representatives" from the club.

He also offered for the council to provide payroll services to the club free of charge to ensure unpaid staff receive wages.

This would not involve the payment of wages, but rather the management of the payroll mechanism, such as over overseeing National Insurance and PAYE ­— a service the council already provides for a number of private businesses.

Finally, as well as offering congratulations on Bury FC's promotion to League One, Cllr Shori offered Mr Dale a chance to meet with himself and Bury Council's chief executive Geoff Little.

He said: "I understand the value of the club, not just to its loyal fans and staff but to Bury as a place.

"The club's success is vital to the success of the borough."

Steve Dale has been approached for comment.