THE local community has rallied around to help a football club which was targeted by vandals.

Vandals broke into the free-standing container at Stoneclough FC’s home ground in Brook Street and caused “mindless damage”.

Stoneclough FC has been planning to renovate the container into a kitchen and café for its newly established junior team.

In the wake of the vandalism, the local community has come together to help the club rebuild.

Kevin Leader, one of the club’s Saturday team managers said: “I would like to thank Stoneclough residents and local businesses for their kind donations to Stoneclough Football Club to help them rebuild after the vandalism on the premises.

“Everyone at Stoneclough FC is over the moon with the help.”

The club has also arranged for sponsorship boards to be placed around the ground, to help raise further funds.

Club secretary Peter Conroy said he is very grateful for the response of local residents and businesses and hopes more people can chip in to create a community asset.

He added: “Since the original article about the vandalism, people have responded and offered help.

“We just wanted to raise awareness about what’s going on here and get the community more involved.

“If everybody chips in and does their bit then everybody can feel as if they’re part of something.”

It costs £120 for a business to advertise on the sponsorship boards. Anyone who would like to buy sponsorship space or help the club in developing its new café should call 07985704975.