END of term celebrations were filled with colour at one primary school. HELENA VESTY reports on the students and teachers making exercise fun for all the family.

PUPILS, teachers and parents all came together yesterday to ring in the half term holiday and round out Health Week at the primary school.

All 498 children at Horwich Parish Primary School were invited to join a colourful run yesterday, in a bid to make exercise fun.

The fun run featured a rainbow of colourful chalk powders, which teachers and children threw over each other as they passed check points around Slater's Field.

Brave parents were also welcomed to join in with their children, making the run a memorable event for the whole family.

The aim of the school's Health Week was to promote a few minutes of exercise every day and the fun run certainly got people on their feet and moving. Pupils, parents and teachers donned their caps and goggles and were all coated in colour by the end of the day, having done their fair share of laps on the field.

Pupil Oscar Lamplugh-Wood, 11, said: "It's very good because it's healthy, we're doing something that's active and good for the environment. It's good for the mind. It's exercise in a fun way.

"I think other school should do it once a year. It gets people out and about.

"It's going to be a memorable moment, it's going to be one of my most memorable moments from Year Six!"

The colour run day made use of the school's tried and tested buddy system, where Year Six pupils are paired up with reception children to look after them.

Oscar said: "We run with the younger ones and we just check they're ok.

Other excited Year Six students were thrilled to be taking part with their parents.

They said: "It's a lot different than telling your mum, you can be with them and they're not just sat their watching."

The run was organised by the PTA and Chorley School Sports Partnership.

Head teacher Debbie Mills praised the concept.

Mrs Mills said: "We've had Sport and Health week and there's been a fantastic response from parents. We've had sports days and we've culminated in the colour run.

"It's bringing the school together as a community doing something fun and exciting after a term of really hard work.

"We've had SATs in both Year Two and Six. It's a good way to end the term."