KEARSLEY in Bloom is encouraging everyone in the town to do their bit to ‘make the whole place look blooming’.

The annual event, which will run from June 1 to August 31, calls on the community to brighten up the town by displaying hanging baskets and reviving garden planters.

It is run by the Kearsley Festival Group and the group’s co-lead Tracey Wilkinson believes a low-key affair where everyone does something small may be more effective than running a big competition.

She said: “This year we would love Kearsley to flourish without a need of a competition but with a little encouragement and pride that everyone will want to take part in some small way.

“That could just be doing something in your garden or outside your shop and if everyone does that, it’ll make the whole place look blooming.

“We have community planters around Kearsley as well and we’ll be putting summer flowers into those. Locals can come and water those and everyone can do their own bit to brighten up the place.”

Kearsley councillor Paul Heslop will be one of the people getting involved.

He said: “It’s over a three month period so it gives us Kearsleyites time to get our act together.

“I’ll be fully embracing it. I’ve got a flower bed which needs sorting and I’ll get my hanging basket outside.

“I’ll be speaking with the Kearsley Festival Group about how we can help as councillors as well.”

If you want to get involved in Kearsley in Bloom, send photos into