POLICE are investigating an incident which took place between two councillors at a meeting in January.

High-profile councillor Tamoor Tariq complained about a Conservative opponent after he was “physically threatened with violence” in the town hall.

But the accused councillor, Bob Caserta, has questioned Greater Manchester Police's impartiality given Cllr Tariq’s previous position on the region's police and crime panel.

Cllr said: “With unsolved crimes on the increase in Greater Manchester, and a constant clamour from Labour for more resources, it seems incredible that Cllr Tariq should be wasting police time over a complaint involving a trivial spat in the council chamber.

“Further, despite my complaint to GMP of a conflict of interest, the police have ignored my request to move this complaint to another force, which would seem to suggest a political bias.”

In an email seen by the Bury Times, Detective Inspector Karl Ward said that the investigation was forwarded by the Bury team to the Rochdale district to ensure “independence” and “transparency”.

However, he assured Cllr Caserta that his officers would conduct investigations fairly and proportionately.

A Bury Labour spokesman said: “It is embarrassing enough that Cllr Caserta is being investigated by the police for his conduct, let alone him now seeking to challenge their integrity. It appears as though he is seeking to the put pressure on GMP in terms of their investigation, but we have every confidence in the process.”

The Bury Times understands that the council is also investigating the matter.