ONCE again Warburtons has put Bolton in the global spotlight. The family baker is delighting audiences again with its witty TV advert for its latest tasty twist on a bread product.

This time, on the heels of Sylvester Stallone, The Muppets, and then Bolton's own Peter Kay, Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro has stepped in front of the cameras to advertise Warburtons' take on the New York bagel.

De Niro didn't just step in front of the cameras to ply his trade for the family baker . . . the legendary actor stepped on to the streets of Bolton. He actually filmed outside Bolton station. That's the actor famed for his mega roles in stellar film classics such as The Godfather, The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Cape Fear. De Niro displayed his comedy talent in The Fokkers series, and he hardly had to flex those talented acting muscles for the skit to advertise Warburtons.

But flex them he did and it's not only the bakers who reap the benefit. The whole town is basking in the glory of the funny take on the gangsters cashing in on Warburtons' baking skills.

Warburtons presents Bolton as a warm, witty, welcoming town, a place Jonathan Warburton is proud to call home, a place he is proud to do business.

Bolton has been in the national spotlight because of Wanderers' woes of late. It doesn't reflect well on the town. But yet again, Jonathan Warburton has reminded the nation of what we have to be proud of.