A TEENAGER who kept calm under pressure to help a car crash victim has been recognised.

Michael Norman, who lives in Atherton, was walking in Bag Lane to get a bus to school in February when a motorbike crashed into a car.

The 15-year-old watched in horror as the impact hurled the motorcyclist on to the roof of the car before he was sent crashing on to the road surface.

Michael, who has learning difficulties and attends Oakfield High School and College in Hindley Green, immediately went to the motorcyclist’s aid.

He said: “When I seen what had happened my first thought was to go over and help.

“Someone shouted to ring an ambulance and I said ‘I’m on it’.

“I phoned 999 and they told me what to do if the man went into shock and to check for bleeding.”

Michael relayed first aid instructions from the ambulance service call handler to a group of people, including the driver of the car, who were there before paramedics arrived to treat the casualty.

The rider suffered leg injuries.

Michael’s act of bravery was rewarded by Greater Manchester Police last week, when they presented him with a Chief Constable’s Special Recognition Certificate at school.

His mum Dee, 47, said: “Michael has been taught how to travel independently but has never been told what to do if he witnessed an accident so this was a massive thing for him to do.

“He used his initiative and stayed calm to get help and then listened to instructions from the ambulance service and give accurate information.

“He even gave the nearest house number to where the accident took place.

“It was absolutely remarkable.

“I’m very proud of him and overwhelmed.”

She added: “He’s very humble and he was very worried about the man that day. He’s just taken it in his stride.”