FLYTIPPERS received combined fines of more than £7,000 in a month of enforcement across the borough.

Magistrates handed out orders to eight people in April as the council attempts to crack down on people who dump their rubbish or pay rogue traders to do it for them.

One such individual was Lisa Burns, 25, who was visited by enforcement officers after the team discovered a large flytip in Alders Lane, Bolton.

When questioned, she admitted paying an unlicensed third party to take rubbish away for her.

However, officers then found another 50 bags of rubbish in the back yard of her home in Jethro Street, before discovered a further three flytips linked to Ms Burns over the following months.

Following the string of incidents, Magistrates ordered her to pay £500 in costs along with a £50 fine and a £30 victim surcharge.

Another individual caught by enforcement officers was Anwar Mohammed Hussain, of Primrose Avenue, Farnworth.

The 47-year-old is the owner of a vehicle repair shop and his business is legally required to retain all waste transfer notes for two years.

After failing to produce the relevant documents during two enforcement visits he was issued with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) that was not paid.

He was found guilty of a duty of care offence, fined £660 and ordered to pay £420 in costs together with a £66 victim surcharge.

Anyone offering to take rubbish away from a home or business must have a valid waste carriers licence and must provide a transfer note upon taking the items away. If not, owners will be held responsible if the items are later found illegally flytipped.

A spokesman for Bolton Council said the fines were part of an ongoing push to tackle flytipping around the borough.

“Flytipping and similar offences are a blight on our public spaces and this latest round of prosecutions represents a significant success in our ongoing enforcement action," they said.

“Everyone has the responsibility to dispose of their household waste properly, either at their local tip or by paying a properly licensed carrier to take it away for them.

“Anyone tempted to save money by using an unlicensed carrier should be aware that it will cost them significantly more in the long term.

“We are committed to tackling flytipping and bringing those responsible to account. The public can help us in this by reporting any incidents via the council website.”

Throughout April magistrates heard how a further six offenders failed to pay a FPN after they were found to have dumped household rubbish in back streets or other public spaces.

These were:

n Joshua Stephen Cayzer, 21, of Cecilia Street, Bolton. Fine £660, costs £645.26, surcharge £66.

n Sandorne Hovarth,27, of Elgin Street, Bolton. Fine £450, costs £600, surcharge £30.

n Maria Rafalova, 27, of Higher Swan Lane, Bolton. Fine £320, costs £350, surcharge £30.

n John James Grady, 47, of Grosvenor Street, Kearsley. Fine £440, costs £234.27, surcharge £44.

n Jozef Sarkozi, 32, of Chorley Old Road, Bolton. Fine £440, costs £190.09, surcharge £44.

n Anita Kovacs, 20, of Elgin Street, Bolton. Fine £440, costs £300, surcharge £44.

How to report flytipping

Bolton Council warns anyone who spots flytipped waste not to touch it as it could be hazardous.

You should note how much waste there is, what it consists of, the location and whether it is near water. Do not disturb the area as there could be evidence indicating who tipped the waste.

Call 01204 336632 or visit: