ANYONE struggling with abusive, distressing or disruptive behaviour near their home should keep a log of incidents, according to advice from Age UK.

The charity warns residents who are the subject of anti-social problems to note the day, date, time and nature of the issue in order to assist any relevant authorities.

These problems can include loud noise from neighbours; harassment such as verbal abuse or threats; vandalism, property damage or graffiti; fly-posting, dumping rubbish or abandoning cars; and disruptions involving pets or other animals.

Many people suffering with these kinds of problems can contact the council or a relevant housing authority to ask what can be done about their concerns.

Age UK also urges people to communicate with others, especially if you have a problem with your neighbour, in order to try and understand why an issue may have arisen and deal with it without involving other authorities.

However, those dealing with more serious issues, such as violence or threats of violence, are warned to call the police immediately.