AUTHORITIES are searching for an unknown attacker who killed a swan in a country park.

The bird was found dead on Tuesday morning and officers from Bolton Council confirmed that it had "been attacked by a person".

The gruesome discovery was made by a resident who spotted the dead Mute Swan near Crompton Lodges in Moses Gate Country Park. Its eggs also appeared to have been smashed.

Council officers have reported the incident to police who are now investigating.

A council spokesman said: “We were made aware of this sad incident yesterday.

“We do not know exactly how this swan has died but it was clear, from what we found, that it had been attacked by a person.

“The body was recovered and the details of this incident has been reported to the police.”

Moses Gate Country Park is home to a variety of wildfowl as well as the Mute Swans. This includes herons, ducks, grebes and occasionally kingfishers.

The park is frequented by walkers, but police and firefighters have noted problems in recent months with anti-social behaviour, such as bins being set alight, in the surrounding area.

Anyone who witnesses a wildlife crime, including animal cruelty, poaching or destroying eggs should contact the police using 101 or use the Live Chat feature on