POTHOLES are still a huge problem in Bolton, despite a £2.6 million cash injection for repairs at the end of last year. TOM MOLLOY reports as one hotspot throws the issue into the spotlight.

ONE road in Darcy Lever is becoming “cut off” from the rest of the borough due to a number of ongoing issues, say residents.

Lower Darcy Street is beset with problems including potholes and blocked grids.

Residents have complained that the road also regularly floods, even from slight rainfall, due to poor drainage.

However, the road is unadopted, meaning Bolton Council is not obliged to carry out repairs.

But councillor for Little Lever and Darcy Lever, Cllr Sean Hornby has written to Highways at Bolton Council to plead with them for something to be done.

Cllr Hornby detailed the problems with the road and said that when it floods, residents have to abandon their cars and walk around the affected area.

He said that when he visited the road earlier this week, his car got stuck in a pot hole.

Cllr Hornby asked the council to work out the cost of making the road more durable, safe and flood free, and asked for the grids to be unblocked in the meantime.

He said: “I have written once again to the head of our Highways department asking for action to be taken on Lower Darcy Street in Darcy Lever, to prevent this quiet part of Darcy Lever from being cut off when it rains, from the rest of the road network.

“This road is unadopted and the responsibility of just 20 plus houses, but it actually serves nearly 80 properties around Lower Darcy Street — Leaf Street, Clayton Street and Clayton Avenue.

“If necessary we would have to consider using some of the ward allocation of cash to do this but details are needed urgently to resolve this matter. In the first instance Highways should unblock properly, once and for all, the grids on Lower Darcy Street and look at improving the flow of rain water away from the area.”

Executive Cabinet Member for Highways at Bolton Council, Cllr David Chadwick said: “The amount of money available to repair roads in Bolton is finite and as such unadopted roads are just not on the council’s radar.

“I’m sorry for the residents, but we wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

The problem with potholes on the street came to a head in 2014, when plans to build a cycleway were improved. At the time, residents described the road as “dangerous” and “absolute chaos”. John Connor, of Higher Darcy Street, said: “There’s quite literally a big hole in community safety.” Alan Gaskell, of Clayton Street, added: “These potholes are very dangerous.”

Despite Bolton Council promising to repair the road if the plans were approved, Cllr Hornby said the condition of the road has deteriorated further since the cycleway was built.

He added: “Over the years we have seen this road have lots of complaints about its condition, more so since the completion of the cycleway that runs above it along the recreated bridge.

“Ever since the works have been completed there is more silt and mud accumulating on the roadway and the grids are completely blocking up.”

Last March, it was revealed that Bolton is £108 million short of the money it needs to bring its roads up to a good condition.

Despite a £2.6 million cash injection announced in November to help bring the roads in the area up to scratch, there is not enough in the pot to help unadopted roads such as Lower Darcy Street.