IT’S about time something is done to stop these marauding yobs causing havoc in Harwood.

Residents have been dealing with issues for more than a year now - with little seemingly being done to tackle the issues.

The Bolton News has reported on incidents in the area as far back as 2017, when anti-social behaviour in the area was out of control.

Incidents seemed to simmer down last year — until now. People living close to Longsight Park have had to endure another night of mayhem when a group of up to 50 yobs set fire to bins on the park’s play area this week.

And earlier in the week police said vandals were stealing wheelie bins from nearby homes so they could inhale the fumes to get high.

The police now say they are aware that there have been some issues and are “working with our partners to tackle anti-social behaviour.”

Whatever that means, residents deserve more. They deserve this issue being tackled once and for all.

But, while the authorities need to show they are taking these issues seriously, parents, too, need to do their bit.

As Bradshaw councillor Jacqueline Radcliffe said, “I just wish the parents would take more notice of where their children are and what they’re up to.”

Can you honestly say your little angels aren’t up to no good?

People shouldn’t have to put up with this.