OWNERS of a car wash and nearby residents have expressed concerns about huge rats on the premises.

Splash 'n' Dash Express Hand Car Wash, in Weston Street, Great Lever has recently experienced a pest problem, with rats chewing through equipment.

It has become more of a problem due to the owners keeping chickens, which the rats prey on.

Despite buying traps, staff have said the rodents are simply "too big" and they said efforts to get rid of them have been unsuccessful.

The problem has also spread to neighbouring McKean streets, with residents experiencing damage to property and droppings in their gardens as a result of the pests.

Paul Smith, who lives on the street said: “There’s been problems with rats since at least last summer.

“My neighbours have had car damage and there’s always droppings in my garden.

“It caused a few arguments on the street because people were just blaming each other but when I was out playing with my son, he spotted them coming from the car wash.

“I’ve spotted them there a few times now.”

Mr Smith described the rats of not being an “average” size.

He added: “They keep chickens and they used to keep big white rabbits.

“I don’t know if either of those things particularly attract rats but the rats are really big.

“They’re not just your average rats. I’ve been lucky enough to never really experience rats before but even in videos, I’ve never seen anything like them.”

Mr Smith has since reported the issue to Environmental Health at Bolton Council.

He said: “The grounds of the car wash and the whole back street where the bins are kept has been jet washed in the last day or two. I don’t know if that’s because Environmental Health have been but it looked clean yesterday, it looked like a different place.”

Bolton Council did not say that a visit has taken place but they said they are aware of the concerns and will take action if needed.

A council spokesman said: “A resident has reported concerns about rats in the area. Our team is looking into the report and will take any action that is required.”