A DRUG addict hurled a paving slab through a bank window in order to steal charity boxes.

Bolton Crown Court heard how the boxes contained around £11 but it cost Lloyds Bank £1,400 to repair the damaged window and the premises had to be closed to customers for several hours.

Prolific burglar Daniel Gibson was caught after his DNA was identified from blood he left at the scene.

David Lees, prosecuting, told how Gibson used a concrete slab to smash the window, next to the front door, of the Halliwell Road bank at 2.40am on September 26 last year.

"The only items he could find of value were two charity boxes containing approximately £11.

The court was told that Gibson cut himself when climbing through the smashed window, leaving blood behind.

But, when arrested, 41-year-old Gibson could not recall the theft but admitted he may have broken in to get money to buy drugs.

Mr Lees told Judge Timothy Stead that Gibson has an extensive criminal record, including several offences of burgling business premises.

Joshua Bowker, defending, said: "The reason for this offence was to obtain money to pay for his drugs use.

"He has spent his entire life going in and out of custody on a regular basis."

But he added that, while on remand in custody he has become free of drugs and is keen to make a new start.

Judge Stead sentenced him six weeks in prison which, because of the time he has already spent on remand, will mean he is due to be released next week.

In the meantime organisations will work to put together a package of measures to support him on his release.

Judge Stead said: "It gives him a real chance, with appropriate help, of coming out and keeping clear of drugs and out of trouble."

The judge told Gibson: "I'm impressed that you want to rid yourself of drugs and crime."