ALL residents in Greater Manchester will face an increase in their council tax bill next year as leaders across the ten boroughs agreed to an additional hike.

Mayor Andy Burnham asked council leaders to raise the council tax rate by £33 for Band D properties.

This is made up of two precepts which the Greater Manchester mayor can set.

The mayoral police and crime commissioner precept will increase by £24, a 13.8 per cent rise.

The general mayoral precept, which will be dedicated to improving the city-region's bus network will go up by £9, a 13.2 per cent rise.

These charges appear on the same council tax bill but are separate from the fee set by each local authorities.

Bolton Council is expected to approve a rise in the two council tax precepts it sets at a meeting tomorrow night.

The adult social care levy is expected to increase by 1 per cent, while the general levy would increase by 1.25 per cent, down from 1.5 per cent as previously suggested.

This means Bolton residents would see their council tax go up by 3.9 per cent overall.