A SON feels his mother is being made to feel ‘bullied’ in her own home by her closest neighbour...Accrington Stanley.

Retired nurse Joan Cronshaw has lived on Whalley Road for more than 20 years – but two years ago Stanley bought the garages on land between her house and the back street.

After returning from a holiday she was shocked to see that the club car park had been extended.

Son Terry Cronshaw said: “It meant she had no access to her drive. Her outbuilding that joined onto the garage has had its side ripped off and was falling over.

“The club had carried out all this work without contacting her, or at that time applying for planning permission, which they later did retrospectively."

Mrs Cronshaw, 62, met with Andy Holt and the club solicitor to tell them it left her without permanent access to the drive with her car.

She took copies of the deeds to her house, which stated that she could pass freely via the back with any vehicle.

She asked the club why she had not been contacted about the change – but says she was told it was the club's land and "they could do whatever they wanted".

Mr Cronshaw, 42, added: “It took more than six months of solicitors letters before they offered up a little land to allow her to access her drive.

“They offered a small amount of money to repair the damage they had done but only if she gave up her rights to dispute access.

“She did accept the offer of the money to repair the damage without giving up her rights to access, but the club never responded."

Mr Cronshaw says the situation has left his mother, who is trying to sell the house, feeling vulnerable.

He added: "It is like they were bullying her to take their offer.

“She has neither the energy or funds to enter into a legal dispute with the club.

"None of this is helping her sell the property either.

“She is upset as the club has complained about the community not being neighbourly but they cannot treat people like this.”

Accrington Stanley refused to comment when contacted by the Lancashire Telegraph.