A WELL-KNOWN homeless man has returned to his spot near the train station just days after a video showed council workers throwing away his possessions.

Shaun Hibbert, aged 50, is often seen with his belongings and dog Bruce in Trinity Street, Bolton, where he has a tent.

Bolton Council has said officers have helped him to find a permanent place to live but today Mr Hibbert was spotted back in Trinity Street with a new tent.

On Friday a video circulated on social media showing council workers throwing Mr Hibbert's items away but Bolton Council said these were items Mr Hibbert no longer wanted and had agreed to get rid of as part of his move.

The Bolton News understands Mr Hibbert helped throw some of the items away.


VIDEO: Bolton Council sets record straight

Thug sets homeless man’s tent on fire while he’s sleeping inside

A council spokesman said: “We are supporting this gentleman and over a fortnight ago we found and secured a flat for him, which he was happy to move into.

“We moved the belongings he wanted to keep into his new home. Some things he did not want to keep hold of and we agreed to remove them for him, which is what this video actually shows.

“This was all done in full co-operation and agreement with him. We understand why people may be concerned after seeing this video and we hope we’ve reassured them.”

The Bolton News has approached Mr Hibbert to find out about his decision to return to the bridge but he declined to speak with a reporter.

Mr Hibbert has been in the headlines before when his tent was set on fire by thugs while he was sleeping inside. 

Fortunately, his long-haired Jack Russell, who has been with him for 12 year, was able to alert him to the danger. 

Previously Mr Hibbert has said he finds it difficult living in accommodation and that "things get on top of" him leading him to drink heavily. 

He has said living on the street helps him stay away from drink and drugs. 

Mr Hibbert has been living on the streets on and off for around 30 years. He has moved around living in Plymouth and Manchester before coming to Bolton town centre.