TWO buses are stuck in Affetside due to the snow.

A pair of 480 Bolton to Bury buses travelling in opposite directions have been on Watling Street for a number of hours.

Around nine passengers were on the buses and they are currently waiting for help in the snowy conditions.

Carol Cole was on board the Rosso-run Bolton to Bury bus service.

She said: "I set off from Bolton at about 11.20am.

"When we got to Affetside at 12.15pm, the bus skidded and we've been stuck ever since.

"We're all pretty cold. Luckily a lovely woman from the bed and breakfast across the road has brought us some food."

The accident has made Ms Cole miss her shift at a doctors surgery in Bury.

She added: "They've said it could be another couple of hours until we get help.

"Rosso have said they're in touch with the police and mountain rescue so hopefully somebody can get to us.

"They did send another vehicle to get us but they had to abandon it at the side of the road."

Rosso tweeted: "Unfortunately due to the heavy snow fall we are unable to serve Affetside on our 480.

"Instead we will be diverting via the 273 route.

"We apologise for the inconvenience."

The bus company have been contacted for further comment about the incident.