Pupils from a town's high school are celebrating creative success after having a selection of poems published in a new book.

Budding year seven poets from Darwen Vale High School, Darwen, entered the Young Writers Poetry Escape Competition for Secondary Schools.

And out of those who entered, 18 have had their poems published in the Poetry Escape book for Lancashire.

The Poetry Escape Competition is a national competition that invites students to explore a theme or writing constraint to inspire creativity and passion for poetry.

In one published poem, by Thomas Edwardson, the young writer raises the awareness of looking after the planet.

It includes the lines: "Plastic is one of the worst issues there are, With wrappers being found on islands afar.

"Yet plastic was a revolutionary thing, Although we didn’t know the grief it would bring.

"Another problem is air pollution, Though this does not have a clear solution.

"Cars and factories all letting off smoke So in the dense cities, no wonder we choke.

"All this adds up to climate change, A deadly thing making Earth do things strange.

"Heating it up day by day, Soon, the ice caps will melt away."

Class teacher, Rachael Ashcroft, said: "I am delighted to see the pupils’ passion for studying and writing poetry being celebrated. Being able to communicate real world issues though poetry is inspiring and I am so proud of their success."