IS there any point in having 20mph zones when people so often ignore that speed limit?

And has anyone actually got a speeding ticket for going above the limit?

For someone who has grown up in and among terraced streets I am well aware of what happens when someone is driving too fast.

When I was 11 I was knocked down on the way home from primary school and spent three weeks in hospital. At the time I was more concerned that my fledging football career had come to an end.

So, it does actually make me a little sick of seeing drivers ignoring the speed limit on urban streets. The 20mph limit is there for a reason but most drivers will not keep to that speed in our neighbourhoods.

It is not only stupid but extremely dangerous.

Our streets have changed remarkably over the past 20 years with the rising number of cars. Many terraced streets have cars parked on both sides with little room for error.

We have speed bumps and we have a whole host of signs on our streets but none of this actually matters because people think they are able to drive at whatever speed they wish without suffering the consequences.

The main culprits you would think are young and reckless drivers. But from my experience it is the middle-aged motorists and a growing number of mothers on the school run who seem to think they can drive a little faster because they think they can handle the vehicle.

I admit to being guilty myself at times but a split second later I do sense I have put my foot down for no reason whatsoever.

We also clearly cannot ignore how some parents allow their sons to drive prestigious vehicles. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing some 18-year-old driving his dad’s BMW for a wedding. This has to stop.

With more cash comes less common sense.

If you are going to give your son an expensive car to drive he will sooner or later drive it recklessly. It is not his fault it is yours for putting your trust in him at that age.

I recollect driving my sister’s Nissan for the first few years even though my brother owned a red Ford Capri.

I think he was wise to not let me near that Capri.