A BLACKBURN man who was allegedly attacked with a meat cleaver and left for dead says he now fears for his safety.

Philip Preece, 56, was left hospitalised for five weeks, with a fractured skull, after he was said to have been attacked by Joanne McNally and Rhea Parker, after they demanded money from him.

Preston Crown Court heard Mr Preece confirm he had seen McNally before and she had asked him for money.

But when he was cross-examined by Simon Csoka QC, representing McNally, he denied telling other people she was his daughter, or allowing her to use his car.

Mr Preece has told the court he remembers nothing about the violence, from the point the pair arrived at his home in Whalley New Road, Blackburn, to waking up in hospital days later.

Questioned by prosecutor Gordon Cole QC about his current state of mind, Mr Preece said: “I’m scared now in my own home.”

Jurors have heard that McNally and Parker turned up at Mr Preece’s home the day after he had received his benefits.

His older brother David, who was in the front room when they arrived, said he heard one of the women asking Philip for his bank card.

But Philip Preece told them he had no money. His brother and their friend Mr Harrison left the house but were concerned about him and returned later.

Jurors were told Mr Preece was found face down and they went to summon help from a neighbour.

Police were called in and McNally and Parker were later arrested. The victim was airlifted to the Royal Preston Hospital with serious head injuries.

Police say they also received a number of calls from a number of people, alleging that either McNally or Parker had been going around Blackburn town centre telling people that someone had been “murdered.”

CCTV footage showed the pair separately leaving Mr Preece’s home after the alleged attack.

Giving evidence, David Preece also confirmed the brothers had drinking problems.

McNally, 40, also of Whalley New Road, and Parker, of no fixed address, have denied Mr Preece’s attempted murder. They have also each pleaded not guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The trial continues.