A MOTHER-of-one who was addicted to painkillers died after taking an excessive amount of prescribed and non-prescribed medication, an inquest heard.

Amanda Jane Harris, 45, was found dead at her home in Bacup Road, Clough Fold, on August 12 last year, by her partner of two months, Brian Jones.

Giving evidence at the inquest in Burnley, neighbour and friend, Shirley Smith said: "I knew Mandy well. She used to come to my house and would complain about being in pain. I knew she was taking medication but didn't know about the morphine.

"She struggled and used to ask me for painkillers as she said the tablets she was prescribed did nothing. She was addicted to them as she'd been taking them for so long. She told me she used to buy morphine from someone who would come round to her house, but she had no intention of ending her life. She'd met Brian and was very happy with him."

Partner, Mr Jones, echoed the evidence given by Mrs Smith but added that Miss Harris would knock on the doors of neighbours asking for painkillers. He said: "She'd let herself go a bit but when we started going out she started to make an effort to look after herself. We thought she was improving but I don't know how it went wrong."

Presiding over the inquest, Coroner Richard Taylor said: "There was no evidence to say Miss Harris intended to take her own life. This was a lady who had been in discomfort for many years and had taken a variety of medication, some prescribed, some not; she took a cocktail of painkillers and alcohol that her body couldn't tolerate and that was a mistake on her behalf."

Mr Taylor recorded a conclusion of misadventure due to an excess consumption of painkillers, which included morphine, Tramadol and dihydrochloride, as well as a quantity of alcohol consistent with intoxication.

Speaking after the inquest, Mrs Smith said: "She was too young to go. She was turning things around and we were helping her as much as we could.""

Miss Harris's ex-partner, Craig McCreadie, who was also present at the inquest, said she was a loving mother to their 14-year-old daughter and will be sorely missed.