FORMER Bolton Hospice nurse Natasha Stanton has decided to dedicate herself to the Biggest Loser Challenge this year to not only raise money for the hospice, but to battle a medical issue affecting her fertility.

Natasha, and 29 other challengers, will spend from now until April 4 trying to lose as much weight as possible alongside raising funds.

She said: “I'm taking on the challenge in aid of Bolton Hospice for two reasons.

"I was a clinical support nurse on the inpatient unit at the hospice and I saw and delivered the outstanding care and dedication to each and every inpatient that was admitted. I have worked in the care sector for almost 10 years and was blown away by the outstanding work that the hospice do.

"The care and support they provide and the genuine love and care shown to the people of Bolton that require specialist care that is provided at the hospice is second to none.

"Every member of staff, including volunteers, go above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that patients and their families are as happy and comfortable as possible whilst receiving an outstanding degree of care. In the time I worked there, the hospice became very close to my heart and I without the help of fundraisers the work they do there would not be possible.

"My second reason is my weight and my health. Having put five stone on in two years, I am now at my biggest ever weight. This has impacted on my health and I now have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which, upon finding out was a massive blow as I wanted more children but I am now infertile as my body no longer produces eggs to reproduce. If I was to lose the weight I’ve gained, I may start to produce eggs again or if not, I would perhaps qualify for fertility treatment.

"Other than polycystic ovaries, we all know obesity is linked to many more health issues that I do not wish to endure. Therefore, in 2019 it is my mission to kick obesity's backside, become healthier and fitter and raise some money for a fantastic charity that is Bolton Hospice.

"From January to April, I will be attending weekly weigh-ins organised by the hospice and will go against other challengers to become The Biggest Loser and raise at least £400 for the hospice."

You can sponsor Natasha at or contact her via email on